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The Creative Process

A watercolor tattoo artist starts with a watercolor painting. I use it in reference to the tattoo. Starting the artwork starts the process! Its that easy to get started.


I begin by painting a watercolor painting to use in reference of your tattoo idea. Revisions can be made like changing a color or removing an element without needing to repaint. This just gives the style direction for the tattoo.

Traveling Clients

Thank you for looking me up! I really enjoy meeting new people from all over the enjoy traveling to my location.

I get asked all the time if it would be weird to travel here to get tattooed? Most of my clients travel here! You can find out more about me.

While your friends and family think you’ve lost your mind, I do not.I know you are just highly inspired and want to do something for you. It happens all of the time and its OK!

I observe flexibility for you when traveling here. I only scheduling one tattoo appointment a day.

We will a private (appointment only) art gallery / tattoo studio. That means all of my attention is focused on you while you are here.

Email Consultation

Almost all of my interaction with you before the tattoo is done by email. That usually applies even when the clients are local.

All you have to do to start the process is contact me.

I will explain more about the watercolor tattoo artist creative process and pricing when we message through email. Just remember that it takes me a few days or even a week or so to get back to you.

The reason for that delay is the amount of emails I receive. I answer them in batches so I can stay productive. But I try to answer each and every one of them.

 Planning Ahead

How far ahead I am booked up? You will be relieved to know that you can schedule your tattoo appointment within a reasonable amount of time.

Although the timeframe varies based on increasing requests. I can assure you that if I accept that your idea is compatible with my watercolor tattoo artist style then you will not have to wait years to get your tattoo.

It does take some time to complete the artwork. And then find the best time for us both to get your tattoo. You can think of it in terms of a few months.

The reason I don’t book myself up so far into the future is that I do no accept every request. I also enjoy having space in my schedule to enjoy working with less customers on a more personal level.

Your Best Idea

The watercolor tattoo art ideas I take on are the ones that have a special level of commitment. Your commitment carries through in the way the idea is premeditated and appreciated.

Usually there will be some knowledge of what I do in terms of style and have looked though my portfolio. You can look at one of my watercolor tattoo portfolios here. Watercolor tattoo videos here.

Your reference pics can be from any artist. Just keep in mind that I create a unique watercolor painting for each tattoo that I do.

The style that I work in has some ranges that can lean toward one direction or another.

An air of flexibility and faith is an asset with the creative process. Because creativity needs much space for letting things happen as opposed to making it.

When that space is there something beautiful can happen.  Zen of watercolor.

Watercolor Styled Tattoos

What does a watercolor tattoo artist do differently than any tattoo artist? Will the watercolor tattoo last like a normal tattoo etc? The truth is theres no difference in techniques other than style!

The watercolor tattoo artist painting sets the style and after that is complete its just a matter of making the tattoo look like the painting.

That is why the creative process is so important however. Without the painting then there would be no real direction for the tattoo and it yields much better outcomes to have the design in place before the tattoo begins.

Joel Wright Art

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Contact Us

Have a question? Send me an email. I get many requests so hang tight. It could be a few days before I get back to you but I try respond to every email.

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